Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to support nonprofit organizations can be challenging due to the unique nature of the problems they address.

Illustration of an automation system for collecting biometric data.

Around twenty organisations submit proposals to the Spanish Ministry of Equality to tackle discrimination relating to artificial intelligence. 

Setem Catalunya organized Mobile Social Congreess to offer a critical approach to today’s technology.

SETEM Catalunya’s campaign on “Fair Electronics” offers a critical approach to today’s technology and the way it is produced and consumed.

Machine learning algorithms make predictions by identifying patterns through massive data.

Eticas Foundation launches a directory to know the risks and challenges of machine learning systems that directly affect us.

Two people showing each other photographs with their mobile phones.

We talk to DataForGoodBCN on the risks of algorithms deciding for us.

NASA space launch in 2020.

We analyze the environmental and social impact of the space race with the Debt Observatory in Globalization (ODG).

In the long term, repairing electronics can save the consumer around 200 Euro depending on the devices.

The European Right to Repair Campaign, Halte a l’Obsolescence Programme and eReuse share initiatives and calls to increase the lifespan of electronic products at the Mobile Social Congress.

Belén del Tovar, ICT educator and member of FemDevs i Girls Make Games.

We interview Ana Belén del Tovar García, ICT educator, and member of FemDevs and Girls Make Games.

Members of the Softcalà team

Softcatalà works with the Catalonian Generalitat Department of Health to assemble a dictionary of medical terminology that is in Catalan.

NGO use digital resources below the potential they could exploit

The 2018 global survey on the use of NGOs in information technology shows that the Third Sector has not yet made the transition into the digital age, and that Africa and Asia are on the verge.

The objective of the survey is to know the level of technological development of NGOs.

The NGO Global Technology Report is a research tool used to examine the usage of technology within the non-profit sector.

Congo conflict on Coltan.

Justícia i Pau has been working many years on this campaign to denounce and disseminate the relationship between technology products and armed conflict and the violations of human rights in some countries.