UNHCR has launched an Education report that calculate the number of out-of-school refugee children and the situations faced by these children.

This year’s UNHCR Education Report focuses in particular on secondary education, the crucial yet critically under-resourced stage for refugees towards greater independence and improved prospects in life.

Five countries received the 40% of the displaced people.

UNHCR has published the report ‘Global Trends: Forced displacement in 2020’ that shows the number of displaced people all over the world.


As the UNHCR Global Trends report marks another sad record with 82,4 million refugees and internally displaced, the European contribution to ensure protection remains disproportionately modest. 

States must protect the right of people to seek asylum by law.

The international organization calls for an end to pushbacks and violence against refugees and asylum-seekers.


Commonly, misunderstandings start when it comes to defining what a refugee is. Taking into account the definitions made by the UN Refugee Agency, here we try to clarify the different concepts. 

Malmö University organised the NIEM First National Coalition Meeting (March 2017) / Photo: NIEM

The NIEM project aims to improve the integration outcomes of beneficiaries of international protection.

Refugee Camp - Font: Pixabay

The figure of displaced people is now more than 60 million. Syria, Afghanistan or Somalia are some of the countries these people are fleeing. We will examine this humanitarian crisis to try to understand what is happening.