world refugee day

As the UNHCR Global Trends report marks another sad record with 82,4 million refugees and internally displaced, the European contribution to ensure protection remains disproportionately modest. 

Iolanda Maurici, from Unity Against Fascism and Racism.

We talked to one of the members of Unity Against Fascism and Racism regarding the demonstrations for the World Refugee Day and the demands of the entities revolving the campaign #RegularitzacióXTotes.

Refugees sinking in the Mediterranean Sea. Photo: Vimeo

The petition was launched in 2016 and for the World Refugee Day 2017 it has already reached more than 1.5 million pledges. 


Commonly, misunderstandings start when it comes to defining what a refugee is. Taking into account the definitions made by the UN Refugee Agency, here we try to clarify the different concepts. 

"Rolling Blackouts" comic. Photo: Drawn and Quarterly

Sarah Glidden tells her experience from post-war Iraq until civil revolution in Syria through vignettes.