In many cases, the people closed at the CIE are subject to a double conviction.

The 'express' deportations of immigrants without passing through the CIE increase

The NGO Platform 'Stop Deportaciones' also denounces that the Spanish authorities execute expulsions in the initial phase and without guaranteeing to the affected people their right of defense.

87% of youths participating in the study were critical towards the values and gender patters displayed in the music they listen to.

Music promotes gender inequality, according to youths

Even when recognizing stereotypes and inequalities implicit in songs, teenagers admit that the representations of masculinity and femininity in music influence the way they dress and relate to others.

Landesa reforms laws and policies to provide millions of rural women secure rights to land.

Trends of NGO impacting change in 2018

The aim of this list is to showcase the most creative and effective examples of NGO campaigns to stay ahead, build people power and win at the scale needed to in today’s world.

Jane Goodall is a teacher who inspires

Jane Goodall denounces the million-dollar business of wildlife trafficking

The renowned scientist and activist gave a conference in Barcelona titled 'Jane Goodall, 58 years of investigation and conservation of chimpanzees in Africa'.

The tsunami has destroyed hundreds of houses causing the affected population to have moved.

A new tsunami hits Indonesia and leaves more than 400 people dead

The natural catastrophe happened last December 22 on the coast of the Sonda Strait, between the islands of Java and Sumatra.

On 8 and 9 March, Barcelona will host discussions on best initiatives in the field of the creation, production, marketing and use of sustainable fashion in southern Europe.

Re-Barcelona, the first global meeting point for sustainable and ethical fashion

On 8 and 9 March, Barcelona will host discussions on best initiatives in the field of the creation, production, marketing and use of sustainable fashion in southern Europe.

Refugees in the Serbian and Hungarian fence

Europe and the world blind their borders against immigration

More than 70 walls, on all continents, destroy lives by violating the most fundamental rights of people with complete impunity.

Padova was announced as the 2020 European Volunteering Capital.  Source: CEV

Padova, 2020 European Volunteering Capital

The city has been chosen ahead of the other candidate, the Scottish town of Stirling.

The Open Arms is one of these three rescue organisations which are joining efforts through the alliance #United4Med.

Open Arms, Mediterranea and Sea-Watch: saving lives in the Mediterranean together

The three rescue organisations have created an alliance to rescue people out at sea, after the obstacles and criminalisation they have faced.

construction of the third phase of the school

The Solidarity Soccer Days return to continue an educational project in Senegal

The initiative will take place on December 22 and 23 in Mataró to raise funds and get high school and high school education for all children and youth in the neighborhood of 'Thiaroye'.

The campaign 'My game my name' denounces sexual harassment which female gamers are exposed.

Girl gamers and harassment

Insults and sexist comments just for being girls. This is what girl games experience day after day. A campaign has denounced this, to get male gamers to stand in their shoes.

Congo conflict on Coltan.

#conflictminerals, the close link between technology and armed conflict

Justícia i Pau has been working many years on this campaign to denounce and disseminate the relationship between technology products and armed conflict and the violations of human rights in some countries.