climate change

Some NGOs, the academia and other working groups are making big efforts so that climate-related causes are added to the grounds for seeking a refugee status.

Same World is a European project to raise awareness on environmental justice, dealing also with climate refugees. We talk to Gigi Guizzo from the Asceps association, and the person in charge of the project in Catalonia.

Greta Thundberg has announced  she’ll attend to the Climate Action Summit.

Mobilizations around the world from 20 to 27 September and a huge global strike on Friday 27. Greta Thundberg and organizations from all over the world have announced actions for the week, coinciding with the climate action summit in New York on 23 September.

The day when annual resources are consumed, Overshooting Day, arrives sooner every year.

The resources generated by our planet in one year were consumed by humanity in just 7 months. Despite the efforts made to delay the date, as of 29 July we are consuming natural resources faster than they are regenerated.

Share Festival is the first festival offering the audience the possibility to earn tickets for the festival through solidarity actions.

The pop-rock and urban music festival collaborates with more than 20 NGOs and aims to carry out up to 15,000 solidarity actions.


It is good that climate emergency is starting to appear on the political agenda and in the media, but it will continue to be of little importance unless it goes together with a clear and immediate change in direction.

The United Nations considers that current legislation is insufficient and suggests urgent measures to achieve the goals by 2050.  Source: Unsplash

The latest UN report on the environment considers that current legislation is insufficient and suggests urgent measures to achieve the goals by 2050.

The kick-off meeting was the first time partners met to plan what will be this project.  Source: Ecoserveis

The project wants to structure and give voice to those young people willing to influence policy makers and local politics.

Flooding in Southeast Asia. Photo: Wikimedia

Monsoon rains have caused up to 1,200 deaths and the injury of thousands of people in Southeast Asia.

Refugee Camp - Font: Pixabay

The figure of displaced people is now more than 60 million. Syria, Afghanistan or Somalia are some of the countries these people are fleeing. We will examine this humanitarian crisis to try to understand what is happening.