10 fundraising tools to take into consideration in 2017

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Rubén Escobar (
  • Omaze meets famous people with social causes. Image: Omaze
    Omaze meets famous people with social causes. Image: Omaze.
  •, the fastest growing fundraising platform. Image:, the fastest growing fundraising platform. Image:
  • Face the Planet, a crowdfunding platform for environmental projects. Image: Face the Planet
    Face the Planet, a crowdfunding platform for environmental projects. Image: Face the Planet.
  • Fundraising computer graphic. Image: Rocio Lara, Flickr
    Fundraising computer graphic. Image: Rocio Lara, Flickr.
  • The idea of fundraising is like watering a growing plant. Image: Recrea HQ, Flickr
    The idea of fundraising is like watering a growing plant. Image: Recrea HQ, Flickr.

Mobile devices and Apps are offering new opportunities for non-profit organisations. Launching a fundraising campaign is not easy, for that reason we present some useful tools.

How to launch an effective fundraising campaign? This is one of the questions many non-profit organisations may rise when thinking of getting funds through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Doubtlessly, smartphones and mobile applications have strongly arisen among useful channels we might use to launch an effective campaign. Moreover, new fundraising services are getting an impact on the non-profit sector and organisations are able make the most of them.

Therefore, the experimentation with some of the tools below might help your non-profit project to reach its goals in terms of donations-making and communicative purposes. In 2017, when the use of technologies has become unmissable, trying at least one of two of the following tools is going to help your NGO to reach its crowd funding purposes.

1. Omaze: the crowd-funding project offers fans the opportunity to win unique experiences for a ten dollars donations. The way it functions is easy: you need to have a cause, find a famous personality and receive donations from his/her fans. It’s a leading fundraising platform in the USA, and in exchange, it offers opportunities such as spending a magical day with Magic Johnson.

2. Splitfy: this platform allows creating sponsorship spaces, where it is possible to invite friends, partners or volunteers to participate. Splitfy is a tool which can be used by many NGOs in order to easily receive small amounts of money.

3. Tiltify: Tiltify is the first crowdfunding platform designed for gamers to raise money through their streams, for their favorite causes. Tiltify allows users to build campaign pages where it is easy to create rewards, take donations, explain your schedule and goals, and share with your friends.

4. Goodpin: Goodpin is an emerging giving ecosystem bringing together people, brands, & causes to make a positive impact through sustainable product discovery & charity.

5. Teaming: Teaming is an online tool to raise funds for helping social causes with micro donations of 1€ a month. Its philosophy is based on the idea that with 1€, If people are alone... they can't do too much but if they join together, they can make beautiful projects possible.

6. Dipjar: Dipjar enabling cashless generosity for those who love to give. It enables cashless donations via tip jars and donation boxes for credit cards. The service manages every aspect of transactions, from processing to payout.

7. Causes: Causes was founded in 2007 and located in San Francisco, CA. It’s a tech company that provides people with the platform and tools required to make the world a better place. Discover, support, and organize campaigns around the issues that impact you and your community.

8. Face the Planet: Face the Planet was established with the goal of raising funds for environmental organisations through a fun, interactive virtual playground that gets everyone involved.

9. Classy is the world’s fastest growing fundraising platform for social impact organizations. From cutting-edge health programs to educational advancement, organisations are tackling the world’s greatest challenges with the power of the Classy platform.

10. Brackets for Good: Brackets For Good is a 501 charitable organization that helps build awareness, raise funds, and expand marketing capabilities for local nonprofits through competitive, online fundraising tournaments

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