Open Arms warns the Spanish government that "with the lives it does not play"

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Laura Morral
  • A member of Open Arms rescuing a child.
    A member of Open Arms rescuing a child.
  • The NGO denounces that the government prevents saving lives in the sea
    The NGO denounces that the government prevents saving lives in the sea.
  • Òscar Camps in front of the Open Arms tied to the port of Barcelona on Monday.
    Òscar Camps in front of the Open Arms tied to the port of Barcelona on Monday.

The director of this Catalan NGO, Òscar Camps, criticizes the "political decision" of the ship's blockage and announces mobilizations if it is not misleading.

The more days they spend the more lives there is at stake. The reactions of Proactive Open Arms have not been expected. "This situation is immoral, shameful, outraged and worrisome," says Oscar Camps, director of the NGO that has the rescue vessel blocked from Monday to the port of Barcelona.
The Spanish Government's order to stop the ship's rescue to rescue people in the Mediterranean, has only confirmed to Open Arms the suspicion that this is a "political decision" "made up" of administrative issues.
For this reason, Open Arms accuses the Spanish government of allowing whole families to die when there is a legislation that forces people to help. "These people are neither immigrants, nor illegal, nor anything else. They are in the middle of the sea, in international waters, no-man's land. Once out of the water, your situation will be assessed. But first let them live, "Camps says.
This decision has serious consequences. According to Campos, it will take many deaths that nobody will know and that they will not appear in any list. "Right now Tunisia, Tripoli and Malta are a great Bermuda Triangle, the boats disappear in these waters," he adds.
The director regrets the lack of support from the current government of Spain which is supposed to be "a little more progressive than the previous one". He attributes it to the "fear" of the reaction that far-right opposition parties may have.
"In the face of loss of life, we must not turn to abbreviations, nor to ideologies, nor to political parties. We have to resort to morality", Camps denounces and launches this message to the political class:" Mr. Sánchez, Saura, Ábalos and company should do this exercise. "
Open Arms warns that nothing should be above human lives. "It is unfortunate that a Minister is hiding behind an administrative discourse for fear of losing votes when he knows that people will die. This political discourse is immoral, "criticizes the same director.
The ship is stopped but the NGO will not stop. He is clear that nothing will prevent his goal of continuing rescuing lives. For now, Open Arms has filed an appeal to cancel the precautionary measure that the blocked ship is supposedly supposed to "not have the necessary certificates to ensure compliance with international maritime safety regulations."
Apart from the resource, the NGO will continue denouncing this "injustice" and will continue to push to mobilize citizens. So it is so, if it is necessary, says Camps, "we will make a campaign to raise money and buy another ship, if they do not let us out with this."
It has been almost a week since the Government of Spain denied the permission to leave Open Arms. "It's days you're not in the sea. Last year, we rescued 910 people, "the director remarks. Add: "We can not sleep. We do not have the calm conscience ".

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