The storytelling to change the way the world values girls

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F Pere Tarrés
  • Frame of the Girl Rising film.
    Frame of the Girl Rising film. Source: Girl Rising.

Girl Rising works with local partners by providing customized tools to build confidence and agency in girls and fight against gender discrimination.

There are millions of girls around the world suffering gender discrimination or living under some laws and norms that attempt against their rights and confidence. They are kept out of school, married as children, abused or discriminated simply because they are girls.

Girl Rising works in order to eradicate these behaviours and to enhance the power of the girls. They are convinced that when girls are valued and educated correctly, they become women who are healthier and the communities, nations and the world are better, safer and more prosperous.

To achieve this challenges, Girl Rising is providing customized tools and curricula that energize and motivate young people to see beyond their borders, value their education, understand their rights and believe in their capacity to change their lives, communities, and the world. They are working in several countries as India, United States, Thailand, Guatemala, Nigeria, Congo or Kenia.


Direct results of Girl Rising’s programs include families enrolling their daughters in school, girls advocating for themselves, teachers changing their methods to better support girls, parents deciding against arranged marriages and boys joining clubs to help end gender discrimination.

The beginning: a film

Girl Rising started as a film in which nine unforgettable girls confronted barriers to their education, in other words, nine stories of courage. If you are interested in watching the film, you can buy this in Girl Rising’s website. If you prefer reading, you can get the book.

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