The upcoming Air Quality Conference will help combat atmospheric pollution

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  • Image of air pollution
    Image of air pollution.

The Air Quality Conference will take place on October 24 and 25, 2019, at the federal level in Fira Sabadell, holding a key role in combatting atmospheric pollution.

On October 24 and 25, 2019, the Air Quality Conference in Fira Sabadell will take a major role in combatting atmospheric pollution. Air pollution is the most notable environmental cause of death globally. 80% of cities worldwide have levels of pollution that surpass the maximum levels set by the World Health Organization (WHO). In the densely populated areas of Catalonia, including the metropolis of Barcelona, the concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a gas that heavily contributes to global warming, have surpassed the recommended levels set by WHO. The Air Quality Conference is working towards a solution to this dilemma.

According to the Organisation Mondiale pour la Protection de l’Environnment, if we do not take action against the impending issue of atmospheric pollution there will be drastic impacts on the environment and the health of humans worldwide. Air pollution causes serious heart and lung problems that can often lead to death. Not to mention the dramatic effects it has on the environment that prevent photosynthesis from taking place and deplete the ozone layer. The upcoming Air Quality Conference anticipates finding resolutions for improving air quality so that we can stop the destruction of the Earth and in turn, so our planet, and humans, can become healthier.

The Air Quality Conference intends to find a way to incorporate technology, politicians, and the media into the campaign, and to advocate for far-reaching governmental policies that focus on improving the quality of air. The goal is to debate and discuss the necessary actions that need to be taken in order to achieve ideal air quality in the urban environment that we live in today.

The conference is expected to draw in more than 70 domestic and international speakers. Along with these discussions, the event will be divided into 24 sessions that will focus on multiple themes including carbon emissions, urbanism, health, sensitization, taxation, and more. There will also be an installation dedicated to possible technological solutions, that will be chosen in advance by a committee of professionals. Pre-registration to the event is required as there is a cap to how many people can attend however, there is no admission price.

The Generalitat de Catalunya, the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB), and the City Council of Sabadell, are responsible for promoting the conference. There is also a technology and science committee that is comprised of the Barcelona City Council, the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, ​​the Metropolitan Transport Authority, the CSIC, the ISGLOBAL, and the Air Quality Platform, which is also responsible for promoting the event. 

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