Wednesday, 04 May 2016 - No. 1
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Nonprofit, a new portal on the third sector and volunteering

The portal aims to be a meeting point for international non-profit and third sector leaders, professionals and other interested stakeholders.

European flag / Photograph: Rock Cohen, Flickr
What must we know about European projects

What do you need to consider before participating in European calls? Here you have six very basic tips.

Team work / Photograph: Mehul Pithadiya, Flickr
Working for a greater impact: the power of shared measurement

What are the benefits of shared measurement when assessing impact of third sector organisations? A recent New Philanthropy Capital report highlights how it can drive change and improvement.

Charity shops, supporting social projects in the UK

Second-hand objects and volunteering help spaces that revert all their earning to support charitable causes.

The European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring has been launched

The official launching was held during the European Mentoring Summit 2016, which took place on 17th and 18th March in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Photograph: Esbós de Lesbos blog
"In Lesvos we saw the remains of the humanitarian tragedy of refugees"

Three members of Agrupament Escolta i Guia Mare de Déu de Núria, a Catalan Scout Group, tell us about their one-week trip to Lesvos to get firsthand knowedge on the tragedy of refugees.

New pathways to measuring social impact

Measuring social impact is not an entirely new principle, but a newly voiced imperative for all sorts of organisations. Gorgi Krlev addresses how to better assess entire service fields and third sector activities.

Processes don’t work, people do

A new piece of jargon is slowly creeping into the language of volunteer management. In this article from the Third Sector blog, Rob Jackson looks into volunteers onboarding process.

Lessons learned from a European project on mentoring

SESAME, a project on mentoring and social entrepreneurship, is the first European project developed by Servei Solidari Foundation. Its coordinator Inma Martín shares some of the lessons learned.

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