Tuesday, 09 May 2017 - No. 12
News & Interviews
First Nonprofit Anniversary

On the occasion of our portal’s first year anniversary, we asked several third sector leaders to talk about the importance of thematic portals like ours, which address current issues and the main challenges of the third sector and volunteering.

LGBTI flag. Photo: Wikimedia
Which non-profit organisations work in the LGBTI field?

There are many different organisations around the world standing for human rights and fighting to recognise the LGBTI community.

Two volunteers from Fundació Enllaç / Photo: Fundació Enllaç
Alejandro San Rafael: “Society makes invisible dependent people in the LGBTI community”

The Administration Officer from the Fundació Enllaç tells us about the organisation’s task in raising awareness among the population of the situation lived by elderly people or those facing the risk of exclusion in the LGBTI community.

Setem's 2016 assembly / Photo: Setem
5 basic tips to foster internal participation in nonprofit organisations

Getting volunteers or members of your organisation to actively engage is one of the big challenges in nonprofit organisations. Here we provide some tips based on the experience of several organisations.

Jelen Amador / Photo: Gencat
Jelen Amador: “You end up believing that going to university will make you less Roma”

Jelen Amador, a 27-year-old PhD student, is a member of the Drom association, aiming to promote access to university for the Roma community by giving informative sessions in high schools.

Samuel's question / Photo: Spanish State Council of the Roma People
The question asked by a 10-year-old that nobody can answer

Within the framework of the International Roma Day, the State Council of the Roma People launched a campaign involving Samuel and his question, pointing at the lacking presence of Roma people in schoolbooks.

Resilient leaders: resilient sector

Third sector leaders daily operate in an environment of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), according to ACOSVO's CEO.

3 profiles for an executive board: Hard-working, strategist & relational

What roles do we find on a nonprofit organisation’s executive board? In what way do they make internal participation easy or difficult? Roger Buch gives us some ideas.

The spirit of kinder communities

Can small acts of kindness lay the ground work for cohesive communities? Kiren Saeed Zubairi tries to answer this question.

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