Monday, 09 April 2018 - No. 23
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Your organization on a new social media.
How to know if your organization should be on a new social media

The decision on what social media to be on and how should be taken before randomly creating accounts and then forgetting about them. Here we bring some proposals to bear in mind before taking this step.

Volunteers in Mes Kitokie center in Kaunas, Lithuania
Rita Gutiérrez: "There is not one type of autistic kid: all of them are different"

Rita Gutiérrez is an anthropologist and is now in Mes Kitokie center in  Kaunas, Lithuania. She is volunteering with disabled and autistic children as an international volunteer. We asked her about her experience.

Source: EVC Sligo 2017
Will your city be the next European Volunteering Capital?

CEV calls for applications for the title of European Volunteering Capital Competition 2020. 

Thinking.   Source: Pixabay
Different thinking, bigger difference

It is the topic of NCVO Annual Conference 2018 which takes place on monday 16 April in London. 

Atlas of Social Innovation.   Source: SI drive
The Atlas of social innovation is a reality

It is a unique knowledge repository of social innovation to create new practices for a better future. 

Llibre solidari stand in a Barcelona metro station
Selling second-hand books in any language as a means to help others

Joan Bagur was a business person all his life. Soon after he retired, he was diagnosed his cancer. That day the bad news arrived, he promised himself something: “if I survive, I’ll start a nonprofit organization”. 

We must advance towards a society free of discrimination and a compassionate approach

Empowering persons with disabilities, with the required support, is key to start living and coexisting in the same environments.

5 recommendations on how to tweet from our association’s Twitter account

This social network characterized by simplicity, immediacy and synthesis is very much used by all sorts of organizations.

Mentoring is experiencing a nice moment and we must grasp this experience

Mentoring is a very powerful tool where the mentor and mentee exchange experiences and things in life, and where the process of change, empowerment and knowledge happen in both directions.

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