Tuesday, 02 July 2019 - No. 38
News & Interviews
A photo of Ousman Umar
Ousman Umar: “I was destined to die but I am alive. I am a lucky one”

When Umar was nine years old, he left his village in Ghana to live in the “country of whites.” He fell into the hands of immigrant trafficking causing his journey to take eight years. Now, he is the voice of the immigrants who have died on their crossing.

Monica Benicio was Marielle Franco’s partner until the day she was murdered.
Monica Benicio: "Marielle was searching for all that was missing in politics”

We talk to the partner of Marielle Franco, a sociologist, feminist, human rights activist and a person committed to the Afro and LGBTI movements in Brazil, who was murdered on 14th March 2018.

An image of volunteers from the Good Hope Volunteers organization
Good Hope Volunteers plays a key role in international volunteering

Good Hope Volunteers is an international volunteering organization that is based in South Africa, with programs in Namibia and Botswana as well.

Carlos Susías, president of European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN).
Carlos Susías: “The EU needs greater social responsibility”

The chair of the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) believes Europe should set a minimum wage no lower than 70% of the average wage in each country.

Image of Damián Gallardo
Damián Gallardo, “I was accused of organized crime and kidnapping, but I was being set up by my government”

Gallardo is an “Ayuuk” native from Oaxaca, as well as an activist, human rights defender, and promoter of a community education model. He was invited by the Taula per Mèxic to come to Barcelona and denounce the human rights violations that are taking place in his country.

A photo of Mireia Roura the Operations Manager of eReuse
Mireia Roura: “There are enormous environmental and social consequences of e-waste, and we need to start to inter-cooperate”

Mireia Roura the Operations Manager of eReuse - which is an innovative solution that prolongs the life of electronic devices - says that the key to their circular economic model is to cooperate, provide free technology, and to sell services.

“I’m no longer a refugee”

The first asylum seekers that arrived from Syria in 2016 start leaving the reception programme and lead a normal life.

Honduras, a paradigm of effective cooperation

An experience that has arised in our environment and has been crossing borders and has served to shoulder the responsibility of collaboration with Latin American countries where the the population in need have taken humanitarian urgency, including Honduras.

Moving beyond declaring climate emergency

It is good that climate emergency is starting to appear on the political agenda and in the media, but it will continue to be of little importance unless it goes together with a clear and immediate change in direction.

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