Tuesday, 04 February 2020 - No. 43
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Emanuele Alecci, president of Padova European Volunteering Capital.
Emanuele Alecci: “We do not want only to celebrate volunteering, but also create and spread a new Culture of Solidarity”

The president of Padova European Volunteering Capital talks about the many challenges they lie ahead and the current state of volunteering in Padova.

Padova hosts the European Volunteering Capital 2020.
Padova 2020, a year to represent the volunteering

The European Volunteering Capital begins on friday 7th of February with the official opening, an institutional event in which takes part the highest local and European authorities.

Yoga Teacher Training in South Africa.
Yoga as a cure for social exclusion

Yoga Sin Fronteras opens an international cooperation course of action with Yoga Teacher Training for vulnerable groups to ensure the sustainability of the project and improve the social impact in the communities.

'Blue. What hides the horizon?' it’s a book for kids and adults.
‘Blue’, a tale to explain the tragedy of the Mediterranean

‘Blue. What hides the horizon?’ is written both in Catalan and English and all the benefits go to the Spanish NGO Open Arms.

In recent months more than 10 million hectares have burnt and 28 people have lost their lives.
Australia in flames: how can we help?

Since the bushfires broke out, 28 people have lost their lives, more than 10 million hectares have burnt and it is estimate more than one billion animals have been killed.

Discussions were held in Strasbourg in November and the adoption of the resolution took place on 18th December.
Fighting discrimination and hate speech in the EU

The European Parliament adopted in December a resolution to fight against discrimination and hate speech in the EU, a step forward to guarantee the rights of these people.

World Cancer Day is every day

Contributing to bring wellbeing to those living with cancer requires constant work.

Paula de Benito
Barcelona's Low Emissions Area: soft measures against big problems

Further steps need to be applied by the authorities in order to protect citizens’ health from traffic pollution.

20 years of World Cancer Day: A growing, global movement for action

The day seeks to raise cancer awareness, improve education and catalyse action to prevent millions of deaths from cancer.

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