Tuesday, 02 June 2020 - No. 47
News & Interviews
Children are allowed to go out to nearby parks to play for 30 minutes a day in company of an adult.
Macarena Martínez: “Peruvian children haven’t been able to go back to school since December of last year”

The Programme Manager of Latin American Foundation For the Future (LAFF) talks about the effects of Covid-19 in Peru and how children are suffering the consequences. 

In Nepal, Millions of daily wage workers are unemployed and with families to feed.
Álvaro Quintana: “In Nepal, everybody is going one or two steps down in the social and economic status”

Where there is poverty the Coronavirus is considered a minor threat. Millions of daily wage workers are unemployed and with families to feed. We have talked with Hugging Nepal to know how Covid-19 is affecting the country.

In Padova, volunteers made themselves available to be trained and then help most vulnerable people.
Emanuele Alecci: “Volunteering has now the chance to develop new strategies to meet the needs that are emerging from society”

The team of the European Volunteering Capital Padova 2020 has decided to take an active role to help risk population groups during the Covid-19’s health crisis. 

Katie Ryan: “Safety requires solidarity, none of us are safe until all of us are safe”

The ONE’s policy officer focused on issues surrounding global health, remarks the importance of the global response as the only answer to a global pandemic, not only to fight against Covid-19 but also to face the consequent economic impact.

FAGiC is providing food to Roma in Catalonia
Roma are fighting against Covid-19 and discrimination

Pedro Aguilera, FAGiC’s director, and Annabel Carballo, responsible of the European Area of FAGiC, talk about how the coronavirus is affecting Roma and the growth of Antigypsyism all over Europe.

Demonstration in Barcelona for the International Day of Migrants.
Regularisation of migrant people: the requirements of the entities

They report the vulnerability experienced by this group, which also suffer from labour exploitation and have difficulty in accessing public services and resources during the current health emergency.

How are we making our children live the confinement?

If the adults in a family are able to create a pleasant family ambience and can convey safety and calm, their children will also see it this way.

Volunteering: a head and heart approach to COVID 19

What a time! Good to be asked to write and make some sense of the COVID 19 crisis from a volunteering perspective in Scotland.

Time to decide. Leave no one behind!

We believe the pandemic has shown the big gap most of the european countries have regarding human rights and has made visible all the inequality that the system has fostered and taken advantage of for years.

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