Tuesday, 04 August 2020 - No. 49
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The effects of the health crisis could raise the number of people suffering from food insecurity to 130 million.
People facing acute food insecurity could rise by 130 million due to the pandemic

Action Against Hunger is concerned about the economic and social consequences that could raise the number of people living in a state of severe food insecurity to over one billion in the foreseeable future.

The irruption of the Covid-19 has had a bigger effect on the poorest and most vulnerable people.
COVID-19 is reversing decades of progress on poverty, healthcare and education

The poorest and most vulnerable people have been the most affected by the effects of the pandemic all over the world.

Katrin Hugendubel, advocacy director of ILGA Europe.
Katrin Hugendubel: “Discrimination against LGBTI people was exacerbated by confinement”

The advocacy director of ILGA Europe talks about how the coronavirus has affected LGBTI people and the growth of discrimination against this group during the pandemic.

Iolanda Maurici, from Unity Against Fascism and Racism.
Iolanda Maurici: "It is no coincidence the demand for urgent regularisation in Europe, it is a sign of justice"

We talked to one of the members of Unity Against Fascism and Racism regarding the demonstrations for the World Refugee Day and the demands of the entities revolving the campaign #RegularitzacióXTotes.

One of the refugee camps in Mail is on top of a landfill.
Refugee camps in Mali are seriously affected by Covid-19

The Associació Catalana per la Pau is carrying out an emergency campaign to improve the sanitary and nutritional conditions of the population.

The organization has launched a crowdfunding campaign through goteo.org, to buy, ship and distribute food to the Sahrawi families through the Sahrawi Red Crescent.
ACAPS, against the effects of Covid-19 in refugee camps

The Catalan Association of the Friends of the Sahrawi People is collaborating with the Red Crescent to make that no family goes without food.

I am not racist, but...

Racism can’t be eliminated only through discourse, legislation or black screens on our social media; it requires a much deeper change.

When art walks into a hospital

Is art a therapy? From my experience I can say it isn’t. Nevertheless, it does help communication processes, it relaxes the patients, it invites them to evade and also it helps them to meet their inner selves. 

Excluding consumption

Searching for alternatives can no longer be done individually but together, to build a society where everyone, regardless of what they have and can afford, can live in freedom and dignity.

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