Thursday, 05 November 2020 - No. 52
News & Interviews
In 2019, Care worked in 100 countries and worked with nearly 69 million people.
Emily Janoch: “We need to build responses that prioritize gender equality, resilience and extreme poverty instead of returning to 'normality'"

The director of knowledge management and learning for CARE talks about how Covid-19 has increased the number of people who are at risk of poverty and how reversing this growth.

BRAC estimates that it will take at least two more years for an economic recovery with the combined effort of government and non-government organisation.
Syeda Sadia Hasan: “77% of the vulnerable non-poor people have fallen below the poverty line income due to the COVID-19”

We have talked with BRAC to know how Covid-19 has affected Bangladesh and its rates of extreme and new poverty.

The survey ran from 21 April to 21 May 2020, covered 112 countries and received over 12,000 responses of people aged 18-34.
How the pandemic is impacting youth?

A survey shows how Covid-19 has affected Young people in areas such as employment, education, well-being and human rights.

Students from all over the world will work cooperatively to carry out a citizen collaboration project that promotes environmental and social justice.
‘Connecting Worlds’: students all over the world in pursuit of an inclusive and sustainable future

The 2020-2021 edition of Oxfam Intermon’s educational initiative will be about the climate crisis. Students are going to look for new consumption habits that will terminate environmental and social injustice.

The legal recognition of gender is a reality in 96 countries around the world.
Visibility and the rights of trans people

Belgium is the first European country to appoint a trans minister, an important step for this collective in a difficult moment for the violation of their rights, especially during the months of the pandemic.

In Poland, government is violating the fundamental rights of LGBTI people.
A Europe of rights

International human rights organisations, and more specifically those defending LGBTI rights, show their concerns about how some states are systematically violating human rights, and others are rolling back some of these rights.

Uncertainty around personal data protection in non-profit organisations

We are growing more and more aware of the importance of our personal data and we demand greater control of how large corporations and governments use our data.

Dilara Ekmen
The new Pact on Migration and Asylum: a real shame

The New European Pact regulating migration and asylum does not come close to guaranteeing access to the asylum procedure with every guarantee and will encourage collective returns of migrants and potential applicants for international protection.

The importance of carrying out assessments in the non-profit sector

Non-profit organizations need a little extra push to go beyond writing about what they do and to start looking into the changes they generate, and even take a step further to dear and gather and size these changes, to measure their impact.

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