Tuesday, 12 January 2021 - No. 54
News & Interviews
Katharina Foerster, project manager of Berlin European Volunteering Capital 2021.
Katharina Foerster: “Almost every third person in Berlin is involved in voluntary work”

The project manager of Berlin European Volunteering Capital 2021 talks about the many challenges they lie ahead and the current state of volunteering in the German city.

Gdansk was announced as the European Volunteering Capital 2022.
Gdansk, 2022 European Volunteering Capital

The city has been chosen ahead of the others candidates, the Italian town of Gorizia, the Spanish capital, Madrid and the Turkish city of Izmir.

 Susanna Gómez is the president and founder of Children Of Africa.
Susanna Gómez: "We cooperate for development and not for charity, it is very different and often confused"

For over 10 years now, Children of Africa has been working to dignify the schooling of children in Kinango, one of the poorest areas in Kenya.

AFNE is an association of families adopting children from Ethiopia that was established in Barcelona in 2003.
Oriol González: “Education, food and a family are basic to guarantee children’s rights”

The board member of AFNE explains the projects carried out by the association in Ethiopia and how today’s health crisis is affecting them.

Human rights defender organisations have a whole range of tools to help associations and activists protect themselves on the Internet.
The importance of digital security for social organisations

Human rights defender organisations have a whole range of tools to help associations and activists protect themselves on the Internet and to fight off cyberattacks and cyberstalking.

The project aims to provide collective advice, thermal comfort measures in homes, meetings to learn to reduce energy waste and the creation of mutual support groups.
Empowering against energy poverty from a gender perspective

13 European organisations are behind the “EmpowerMed” project to collectively build the right to energy.

January: it’s time for annual reports

This shouldn’t be seen as a mere procedural step to meet the obligations set forth in our bylaws and our duties with the public administrations. it is rather an opportunity to reflect on how the organisation is doing, the lessons learnt and to start the new year with new challenges. 

Being a girl, a right without exception

Every year, nearly 12 million girls are forced to marry men much older than them, two million of them before they have even turned 15 years old. 

Defending Basic Income in Europe

Universal Basic Income in Europe is a proposal that makes sense, regardless of the pandemic, to end precariousness and poverty, and offering material guarantees to exercise one’s freedom.

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