Thursday, 01 July 2021 - No. 60

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Laia Maldonado, founder of the organisation Un llapis per Ghana (A pencil for Ghana).
Laia Maldonado: "We share the dream, what differs is the tool to write it”

We interview the founder of the organisation Un llapis per Ghana (A pencil for Ghana), which aims to guarantee education for the 24 children and youths living at the Ryvanz-Mia orphanage.

The European Union (EU) finally gave the green light to a Covid certificate or passport, which will facilitate travel around Europe from July 1
Covid passport: a useful tool that still poses great challenges

Covid certificates face the challenge of facilitating international mobility and economic recovery while not deepening inequality and respecting privacy.

The number of refugees in the world continues to rise.
More than 80 million people have experienced the pandemic away from home

The Spanish Commission for Refugees (CEAR) has presented the nineteenth annual report 'Refugees in Spain and Europe'.

The pilot project Origen of the NGO ProActiva Open Arms has the main goal of informing the local population of the risks of migrating.
Senegal: building local opportunities to make migrating a choice with more freedom

Proactiva Open Arms launched the project Origen because many people rescued at sea expressed the idea that had they received more information they wouldn’t have embarked on the journey.

The first edition took place in 2016, in Berlin.
Barcelona to host the 2nd World Peace Congress

Next autumn, the capital of Catalonia will host a large gathering of international movements for peace and justice.

Rainbow Europe, is ILGA Europe’s annual benchmarking tool that includes the Rainbow Map, and Index and national recommendations.
Standstill in antidiscrimination legislation in the European Union

ILGA Europe has released its ‘Rainbow Europe Map’ showing a worrying setback in some countries and a general standstill with regards to the rights of LGBTI people.

WRD: Europe is Part of the Problem, Not Part of the Solution

As the UNHCR Global Trends report marks another sad record with 82,4 million refugees and internally displaced, the European contribution to ensure protection remains disproportionately modest. 

Manuel Peinado, president of Plataforma LGTBICat.
Strength in numbers

It might seem, in the middle of 2021, the LGTBIQ+ community only needs to finish fine-tuning the rights they have already achieved, but unfortunately we still have to fight to claim basic rights that the LGTBIQ+ collective has not been able to achieve.

The reality of the refugee crisis during a global pandemic

In 2020, health concerns and sanitary conditions only increased the need for assistance at a time when NGOs were facing severe financial instability.

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