Monday, 07 March 2022 - No. 68

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Putin has launched a military operation in Ukraine to
Russia starts war in Ukraine and pushes Europe to the limit

ICIP Director Kristian Herbolzheimer and Delás Center Honorary President Pere Ortega reflect on the causes and consequences of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

The International Crisis Group has compiled a list of ten international conflicts to follow in 2022.
10 international conflicts that will mark 2022

An International Crisis Group (IGC) document lists ten sources of conflict in the world that need to be noticed this year.

Maria von Känel fights for LGBT + rights organizations in Switzerland. Font: Ehe für elle
Maria von Känel: “Social acceptance grows with these political victories, but we need more changes everywhere”

On 26 September 2021, Switzerland approved marriage for same-sex couples. This political victory will enter into force in July 2022 but, for von Känel and the organisations she leads, there is much more to be done.

'El niu dels Xuklis' is one of the free play and learning spaces created by AFANOC, the organization that has also created the guide for teachers.
When cancer finds its way into a classroom

What happens at school when a child has cancer? Should this be mentioned in the classroom? How does it affect the class? The association “Nens amb Càncer AFANOC” has drafted a guide that is warmly welcomed by teaching staff.

CEV calls for applications for the title of European Volunteering Capital Competition 2024
The call for candidates for the European Volunteering Capital 2024 is now open!

The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) launches the 11th edition of the European Volunteering Capital competition to promote volunteering locally and globally.

 Many Afghan women have been widowed as a result of the conflict and the pandemic.
A project of Educo supports 230 widow-dependent households in Afghanistan

The NGO provides financial assistance to these women, who run their own families and are unable to work due to Taliban bans.

An unjustifiable aggression

Russia is not only violating the sovereignty of one of it’s neighbours and its people, but is also questioning the whole architecture of global security, and is using the fragile situation of a dysfunctional and ineffective UN Security Council.

Carme Vinyoles Casas
No woman should be touched

Female genital mutilation is a form of physical and symbolic violence that denies the ability to think and decide, to feel and to be, which causes pain and death and sets back those societies that practice it.

Reiner Braun
The Ukraine Crisis is Part of the Struggle for a New World Order

The peace movement can make an important contribution to this process of détente through popular diplomacy from below. 

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