Monday, 01 August 2022 - No. 73

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A local newspaper that puts the community in the center of its actions.
Lucas Batt: "Local journalism is impactful when it meaningfully engages with communities and responds to their needs"

Lucas Batt, a membership and fundraising Lead for the Bristol Cable, stands out the importance of this local newspaper which aims to "inform and empower citizens making membership an inclusive, meaningful and sustainable model for local journalism". 

Carla Riestra: “Volunteering is a healthy virus that is transmitted from person to person”

Carla Riestra, executive president of Cooperand, tells us about this Andorran non-profit organization that provides aid to at-risk children in Bolivia.

It is important to keep in mind the new possible paths of intervention to help these children and be aware of the challenges.
Does any door need to be opened to guarantee help and protection to unaccompanied Ukraine children?

Eurochild, Child Circle, and UNICEF ECARO's Discussion Paper points to 5 key priority areas for action when considering the issue of care and custodial arrangements and guardianship for unaccompanied and separated children.

The war in ukraine forced many children to leave ukraine facing all the problems alone.
What are the main problems that unaccompanied children face when they arrive in Europe?

Ciaran O’Donnell, Policy and Project Officer from Eurochild, Stela Grigoras and Ina Verzivolli from UNICEF ECARO tell us about the circumstances these children live since they are “very varied and their challenges manifold”.

Abortion rights protests in Los Angeles.
The ban on abortion in the US explained in 8 key points

Going backwards in terms of rights and freedom, the offensive against Sexual and Reproductive Rights is spreading everywhere.

Presentation of 'La Volunteca' at the Espacio Pozas in Madrid.
'La Volunteca', a resource centre on volunteering for the Spanish non-profit sector

This initiative is jointly launched by the Fundació Pere Tarrés together with the Spanish Volunteering Platform

Laia Virgili López
Ukraine: Thousands of people at risk of being trafficked

Traffickers and exploitation networks take advantage of the despair of the population leaving their homes.

Rabih Torbay
The war in Ukraine is crippling the country's health care system

Even if the war stops today, complex health-related challenges will linger, and Ukrainian health authorities will require a major external investment to rebuild their health care system.

 Elke Vandermeerschen
Adequate Minimum Income Protection: the backbone of a truly Social Europe

Europe has so far failed to take substantial action to ensure people’s access to adequate minimum income. We truly hope that this is about to change now.

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