Thursday, 02 March 2023 - No. 80

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A year of war in Ukraine: the conflict intensifies and the humanitarian situation deteriorates

We speak with the researcher from the Delàs Centre for Peace Studies, Pere Ortega, who analyzes the current situation of the confrontation and demands more efforts towards a scenario that makes peace possible.

Alliance for public health helping community.
One year of the russian invasion in Ukraine: how initiatives and programs of humanitarian assistance to people work

Inna Gavrylova and Irina Solovei explains us the reality of the situation in Ukraine and the help of Alliance for Public Health during this year of war.

War not only causes casualties, but also makes it difficult to treat sick people

Inna Gavrylova and Irina Solovei explains us how the war affected people affected by the HIV epidemic and humanitarian convoys.

Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) serving IDPs in Zaporizhzhia region on Friday, July 8, 2022. . Source: James Buck
A Year Later, Ukrainians Still Desperately Need Our Support

Project HOPE Teams Continue Supporting Ukrainians a Year into the Full-Scale Russian Invasion.

Destroyed houses.
Temporary shelters are a safe place for people fleeing enemy bombs and trying to live on

Currently, the Alliance for Public Health coordinates twenty-five shelters throughout Ukraine and opened its own shelter called Safe Place.

The war in Ukraine will once again be in the spotlight in 2023.
10 conflicts that will attract all the attention this 2023

An International Crisis Group report places the war in Ukraine as the most notable conflict on a global scale, but warns that other crises shaking the world should not be overlooked.

Rabih Torbay
The war in Ukraine is crippling the country's health care system

Even if the war stops today, complex health-related challenges will linger, and Ukrainian health authorities will require a major external investment to rebuild their health care system.

Josep Buades Fuster SJ.
Let's examine our sense of hospitality

The Jesuit Service for Migrants, in its report ‘Where oblivion lives’, points out that rights and guarantees violations in border control operations in the Spanish southern border are linked to obstacles to requesting international protection through legal channels.

Montserrat Vilà
Alarm, warning and prevention against the murders of women

The strategy aimed at deconstructing, burying and overcoming the patriarchal system includes promoting and taking advantage of every small step and advance that improves, even if it is lukewarm and limited, the living and current existence of women in general and of each one in particular.

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