Thursday, 04 May 2023 - No. 82

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Cristina Cama is the president of the Castelldefels-based association Malaria 40.
Cristina Cama: "Transparency is fundamental for the continuity of humanitarian projects"

We delve into the task of the Malaria 40 association, a Castelldefels-based entity that focuses its work, among others, on developing cooperation projects in Madagascar.

The Afghan authorities have imposed a ban on female aid workers from carrying out their work in Afghanistan. Source: Unsplash (CC License).
International NGOs demand the lifting of the ban on female aid workers in Afghanistan

The prohibition imposed by the Taliban regime has been extended to female personnel of the United Nations, who have opened the door to suspending their task in the country if the ban persists.

The Clean Clothes Campaign has organized a tribute to the victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy.
The Clean Clothes Campaign demands that big brands sign the agreement to ensure safety in the textile industry

The initiative has made this demand coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh, in which over a thousand textile workers died.

Vacances en Pau resumed last year after two years of shutdown due to the pandemic.
A different summer for Sahrawi children with disabilities from the Tindouf camps

ACAPS Girona is looking for volunteer monitors for the 'Wani Bik' summer camps and has also started the search for host families for a new edition of the 'Vacances en Pau' program.

Map of LGBTI human rights in Europe.
LGBTI rights in Ukraine: lights and shadows

The war in Ukraine has led some LGBTI rights activists to expand their scope of action, but the historic tug-of-war over the visibility of the group continues in the region, which complicates the task of personalities like Olena Shevchenko.

The Council of Europe.
ECRI and the monitoring of LGBTI rights in Europe

ILGA complains that the complexity of diplomatic relations in the European Union makes it difficult to comply with human rights, and ECRI collects in a report the situation in Hungary.

Because it is necessary to defend animals!

Humans are only a small piece within the complex gear that shapes Nature, although with our brain capacity we have been able to develop a technology that is very often incompatible with the balance of ecosystems and animal biology, becoming the most destructive part of the Planet.

Lourdes Vergés, communications manager at FundiPau.
About war, earthquakes, submarines and nuclear weapons

Unlike the more than thirty other armed conflicts currently taking place around the world, the one in Ukraine has revived a latent threat, it has awakened the sleeping monster of nuclear weapons

Roger Tugas Vilardell.
There’s no longer an excuse with data

We can no longer look the other way and pretend that they are not with us. We have no more excuses. Data floods us and we have to decide if we want to swim or drown in it.

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