Tuesday, 04 July 2023 - No. 84

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Beatriz Felipe has been studying the phenomenon of climate migration for more than ten years.
Beatriz Felipe: "The impact of climate change can be so vast, that many times they aren’t even able to leave”

Climate migration is a concept being used more and more often, but applying for refuge based on this reason is not yet envisaged as a possibility and, in fact, it is complicated to justify migration based on this.

Syrian refugees light wood fires by night and burn plastic to stay warm. Many received medical services from DDD/MDM in a camp in Hatay on Friday, March 3, 2023.
Adam Jacovou: “Container cities and informal camps are likely to remain in place for years, rather than months"

Adam Jacovou,Türkiye Country Director for Project HOPE reminds us of the still significant need of intervention to the ones who still suffer from the consequences of the earthquake.

 Andrew Daly, Jaume Puipinós and Steve Loveland at the 2023 International Social Housing Festival
Andrew Daly: "Even though we have a legal framework to protect the right to housing, we often lack the enforcement tools to see an effect over key issues"

Clúid Housing and the housing associations model of Ireland: Promoting community-based housing solutions.

The Alliance for Nuclear Disarmament has been presented to the public at an event in Madrid.
An alliance to move towards a world without nuclear weapons

Forty-five organizations from across the state have joined forces to create the Alliance for Nuclear Disarmament, which demands that the Spanish Government adheres to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

The new migration regulation that is key to completing a new Migration and Asylum Pact in the European Union (EU).
A European agreement that questions the right to asylum and commodifies reception

Advocacy organizations for the rights of refugees are wary of the first step of the Migration and Asylum Pact in the European Union, agreed upon by European interior ministers.

The CCAR lament that the asylum system is overwhelmed.
The organizations denounce the difficulties of access to the asylum procedure for refugees

The Catalan Commission for Action for Refugees (CCAR) demands more commitment from Spain in the protection of people who are persecuted in their countries of origin or residence.

Queralt Prat-i-Pubill
AI in Nonprofits

Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to support nonprofit organizations can be challenging due to the unique nature of the problems they address.

Presence or distance, the current challenge for organizations that rely on volunteers

"Today, leaving the nightmare behind, we see the merit of having been 'socially creative' but we also realize the cost of having stretched the seams of the teams we worked with so much"

Nusa Urbancic
The clock is ticking on greenwashing

Greenwashing has been increasingly in the firing line of NGOs, journalists and more recently regulators and lawyers across Europe. 

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