Little to celebrate and lots to change

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The expert on project management, crowdfunding and communications for NGO shares his thoughts about what to change for the World Environment Day.

Enric Cortiñas


From his personal platform, he works with NGOs and social enterprises that want to achieve their goals and improve their digital impact.


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World Environment Day was established by the United Nations in 1972 and aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving and improving the environment. The date was chosen because it was on this day that the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) was founded.

Unfortunately, even though the world has gone through a lot of changes, the reasons that led the UN to promote a sustainable development program are now more relevant than ever: air, water and ground pollution; loss of biodiversity; overfishing; deforestation; spread of invasive species; climate change and many other environmental effects caused by humankind.

Therefore, on the 5th of June we have little to celebrate but lots to change if we want a better future for the people living on this planet.

Now, more than ever, we have the responsibility and duty to change the society that has got to this point. To achieve this, we are facing at least two big challenges. On one hand, we have the challenge of educating and training people, so they focus their values and behaviours towards a harmonious relationship with nature. On the other hand, in a society where wealth and wellbeing are unfairly distributed, we have an imbalance that requires us to change the economic and social system.

These two problems are key issues on this World Environment Day, and we have to work together to make it possible. The only way left is food and energy sovereignty, the Earth’s conservation, environmental cohesion and personal wellbeing.

Therefore, on the 5th of June, together we are starting the real protection of the environment. 

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