Joan Carles Montes, spokesperson for the Humana Foundation.

The Humana Foundation is a Catalan organization that was born in 1987 in Barcelona. It has been dedicated to the collection and reuse of clothes for 36 years, and is present throughout Spain.

The project aims to reduce the environmental, social, and economic impact of mountain races.

The two organizations, alongside with other international institutions, promote the 'Green Trail Concept' project with the aim of developing measures to reduce the environmental, social, and economic impact of trail running events."

José M. Alonso, Head of Content Options.

We interviewed the person in charge of contents at the Opcions cooperative, and he told us of the impact that single-use plastics have on both people and the environment.


Conscious consumerism won’t stop climate change, but it can help us to improve our lives and also have a say in public debate.

Envelopes in an archive image

Here are some tips on how to start off the year taking care of our planet from our computers.

The EU makes some proposals on sustainable mobility.

The Committee of the Regions, a European institution representing regional and local administrations, has issued an opinion with policy recommendations on mobility-related ecotourism.

The international project ‘Greencoach’ enters its main operational phase this year.

The initiative, coordinated by Ecoserveis, aims to promote efficient management, from the point of view of environmental impact, of the sports clubs and events created by them.

Mumbai beach covered in plastic waste

The 5th June is World Environment Day, this year dedicated to the end of plastic usage under the hashtag #BeatPlasticPollution.

Edeka customer buying with a biodegradable bag. Photo: FEEDitBAG

Made from renewable resources and seeds (inside), this innovative method proposes to fight against pollution in Frankfurt.

Imagining the future. Photo: Pexels

The Imagine All the People project is aiming a world living in peace without possessions, religions and countries to be achieved in 2222. 

Image of the world. Image: Youtube

This organisation proposes a social change where poverty, debt, hunger, wan and environmental degradation are completely unacceptable.

Wind Turbine. Photo: Pixabay

“Live from the Air in the Sky” is a pioneering Catalan initiative developed by EOLPOP to build a wind turbine cooperative.