The need for collaborative work across all sectors

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Sandra Cyr, Managing Editor of the Philanthropy Journal, shares with us what she thinks to be the biggest challenge of the third sector.

Sandra Cyr


Managing Editor of the Philanthropy Journal.

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Why do we need media that specialise in the nonprofit sector and volunteering?

Specialized media helps to elevate the sector, and empowers organizations to share their stories and successes. It is a way to spotlight the great work that is being done, while building awareness of the importance of the sector and those involved in it.

Now that Nonprofit is turning one year old, which challenge do you think it has to be our next?

I feel that one of the biggest challenges facing the sector right now is the need for collaborative work across all sectors, and an understanding of how can organizations engage in such work without experiencing mission drift. There is a need within organizations to get beyond ego and ownership and move towards collaborative approaches to addressing the grand challenges of our communities. Many are engaging in very successful collaborative ventures - what do those models look like, and what are their lessons learned?

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