The US Supreme Court has ended the constitutional right to abortion.

Feminist movements and rights defenders cry out against the fundamentalist offensive that wants to repress this right all over the world.

Abortion rights protests in Los Angeles.

Going backwards in terms of rights and freedom, the offensive against Sexual and Reproductive Rights is spreading everywhere.

Mytheli Sreenivas, board member of Women Have Options and a professor of History and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University.

The board member of Women Have Options organization, tells us about the consequences of restrictives abortion laws and the main obstacles that these women face in carrying out a safe abortion.

This is the most important leak in the history of the United States Supreme Court.

After 49 years when voluntary termination of pregnancy has been possible up to week 24 of pregnancy, it looks like there may be some serious setbacks coming.


Prohibition of abortion is part of the gender-based violence suffered by women. Violence, in this case, exercised directly by the states.