Caravana Obrim Fronteres

The origin of the fire, which has forced the evacuation of 13,000 people living in the world's largest refugee camp, is unknown. Brussels has agreed to finance the immediate transfer of 400 minors to the continent.

Sira Ruiz

The 'Obrim Fronteres Caravan' is fighting for human rights, travelling different territories and denouncing the human tragedy of forced migration. We talk about this with one of its activists.

Riace welcomes migrants and refugees to grow

In Riace, mayor Mimo Lucano went on hunger strike to protect his citizens, 400 of whom are refugees and migrants that have brought back to life a depopulated town 


In Italy, Spain and other countries we see racist and xenophobic speeches and policies rising, aggressions and violence against migrant people and activists being normalized… just like we are back to our darkest times.