children rights

 member of the board of the CNCA network - National Coordination of Host Communities (Italy).

The National Welcome Community Coordination (CNCA) is an italian association for social promotion that includes more than 260 organizations throughout Italy. It operates in areas of need and marginalization with the aim of promoting citizenship rights and social welfare.

 Mieke Schuurman, Director of Child Rights & Capacity Building at Eurochild.

The Director of Child Rights & Capacity Building at Eurochild, shares with us how they believe that it is the responsibility of Member States to ensure that child poverty is reduced with a minimum of 5 milllion children by 2030.


We claim and bet, so that all children and adolescents, regardless of their social class or the socio-economic and cultural reality of their families, can access and enjoy educational and socio-cultural leisure activities.

Alianza Solidaria has started a campaign to cover the cost of school supplies for a hundred children and young people.

Alianza Solidaria, based in Barcelona, has a project underway to support the schooling of refugee children and youth in the camps of the Bekaa Valley, in Lebanon.

Héctor Colunga: "The model of society we want will set the type of leisure that is promoted".

Interview with the director of the Fundación Mar de Niebla, Héctor Colunga, after his participation in the 1st International Congress of Leisure and Sociocultural Action.

Jaume Bantulà teaches at the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Sports, Ramon Llull University (URL Barcelona).

The expert is in favor of free and unrestricted access to play, where spontaneity plays a central role.

Mario Llonch promoted For a Smile in Africa, which focuses its work in Senegal.

We go over the tasks entities do in the African country, which has a community with approximately 30.000 people in Catalonia and it's one of the most important countries for the Catalan cooperation.

The campaign was born from a participatory process involving forty entities that are part of the Coordinating Committee.

The Coordinator of ONGD and other Solidarity Movements of Lleida launches the campaign 'La vida al centre', which was born from a participatory process involving forty entities.

Olga Olano and Marcela Macagno, along with other members of the association.

The Associació Infància Robada El Vendrell (El Vendrell Stolen Children’s Association) seeks to raise awareness about the problem of human trafficking and attends to all kinds of people who are victims of this invisible reality.

The war in Ukraine adds to the climate emergency and the effects of the pandemic as an aggravating factor in acute malnutrition.

The war in Ukraine adds to the climate emergency and the effects of the pandemic as aggravating child malnutrition, which causes one in five child deaths in the world, according to a report by the organization.

 Many Afghan women have been widowed as a result of the conflict and the pandemic.

The NGO provides financial assistance to these women, who run their own families and are unable to work due to Taliban bans.

Children participation is essential for them to be aware of their own rights.

Esplais Catalans (Esplac) presents a new international project focused on human rights and children's participation so them become aware of their environment and their rights.