Healthy life expectancy adds a new dimension of quality to the number of years lived.

The EAPN is committed to the home model as an alternative to the residential one and emphasizes the importance of healthy life expectancy as a key indicator for assessing a country’s health status.


We fear that governments are yet again prioritising business instead of protecting people and that recovery instruments will not benefit the poor, or even risk generating increased poverty, with austerity looming again to restore public accounts.

The study describes and analyses the conditions of the most vulnerable people in Europe.

EAPN publishes a report that describes the conditions of the most vulnerable people in the EU and makes recommendations to the authorities.

Homeless people have difficulties to access to hygiene and isolation spaces.

Nonprofit organizations urge governments all over the world to take steps to protect the most susceptible from the impacts of the coronavirus.

Carlos Susías, president of European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN).

The chair of the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) believes Europe should set a minimum wage no lower than 70% of the average wage in each country.

Homeless person. Photo: Flickr

Since 1990, many non-profit organisations are offering training activities, education and service provision aimed at the participation and empowerment of people.