Diverse impact of COVID-19 crisis on Employment and Social Developments in Europe.

The European Commission's services have published the 2021 edition of the Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) review.

The survey ran from 21 April to 21 May 2020, covered 112 countries and received over 12,000 responses of people aged 18-34.

A survey shows how Covid-19 has affected Young people in areas such as employment, education, well-being and human rights.

L'Olivera produces wines and oils promoting the employment of people with disabilities. Source: 7accents.cat

The lack of public transport, geographic isolation and the loss of inhabitants causes many organizations being discriminated in obtaining public resources.


Our organization, Probens, has been working for some time with international mobility programs. We would like to appeal to these and these young people who do not know what to do right now with their near future.

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Verso is a European research and development project whose aim is to explain how volunteering can help European authorities in fighting unemployment and improving the quality of life of jobless people.