The times they run

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Our organization, Probens, has been working for some time with international mobility programs. We would like to appeal to these and these young people who do not know what to do right now with their near future.

Montserrat Ros


Psychologist. Working at Probens since 1993.

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Since 2010 we have been hosting different groups of young people, especially from Germany, through a program that the German government designed to give unemployed young people and adults the opportunity to have a work experience in another country , in order to develop competences that were favorable to them when returning, and allowed them to access better conditions to the labor market. It is the IDA program.
The profiles of the people we have been hosting during this period of time have been very varied. In general, however, they make a very good evolution, both professional and personal. Most of them arrive with an open attitude to change, happy to leave behind the heavy backpack that some of them are burdened with situations that are difficult to solve in the place they are from, but who from there feel they can cling to them more easily
Since 2015, from the SOC, there is also a line of subsidies for young people who are registered in the Youth Guarantee (TLN Mobuilicat program) so that they can make this experience out of their comfort space. But, curiously, of the large number of young people we have in Catalonia, who could take this opportunity, we find that information reaches a few young people, and many of them take the step to start training here and then the adventure to live and practice for a few months in another European city. It is a very interesting opportunity, which for many years has been reserved only to university students, and that, on the other hand, it is now open to any young person who meets the minimum training requirements.
From our entity, PROBENS, we would like to appeal to these and those young people who do not know what to do now with their near future, so that they can take a look at their environment and take advantage of these opportunities that are now offered to them. With the times, we can not miss any of these innovative and alternative scenarios to improve the training and preparation of the youngest, the "time runs" indeed, and perhaps if we think too much, the circumstances will have changed and we will not have these opportunities ... there will be others.

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