international mobility

The main objective of the centre is to ensure that the internationalisation of the Catalan economy does not cause environmental and social impacts.

Different entities from and Taula per Colòmbia work to make the Catalan Centre for Business and Human Rights come true, an administrative agency for fighting against the negative impacts caused by the internationalization of the Catalan economy.


Our organization, Probens, has been working for some time with international mobility programs. We would like to appeal to these and these young people who do not know what to do right now with their near future.

Montse Ros is the president of Probens.

The president of Probens, an entity that is 35 years old, stresses the importance of promoting the mobility of young people in European countries to improve their employability.

These type of programmes require a long preparation.  Source: La Víbria

This youth association from Terrassa will be working with youths from 21 different EU countries, for 3 Erasmus+ projects to encourage inter-cultural experiences and critical thinking, among other goals.