Fundació Catalunya Voluntària

Image of the first meeting of the project, held in Berlin last January.

The project “Through the Lens of The other” encourages positive attitudes, ending prejudice and fostering the integration of less favoured persons.

During the event, leaders from NGOs of the Arab world will have the opportunity to meet youths that are interested in volunteering activities in Arab countries.  Source: Fundació Catalunya Voluntària.

The Fundació Catalunya Voluntària (Catalan Volunteering Foundation) is organizing a non-profit show for Catalan youth to learn about the volunteering projects in Arab countries.


We hope that, once the seminar is over, all participants will be able to use new frameworks of skills and prepare new volunteering activities and programmes to promote peace and human rights, to fight against discrimination and build non-violent narratives that we see in society.

Vilanova i la Geltrú will host the seminar 'Volunteering for peace'.

The seminar “Volunteering for peace” will gather volunteering programme officers from 15 non-profit organizations from around Europe in Vilanova i la Geltrú from 1 to 7 April.

Lluc Martí during the last Volunteering Forum celebrated in Casablanca, Morocco.   Source: Fundació Catalunya Voluntària

We talk to the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària about volunteering in the Arab world and the importance of generating synergies with volunteering organizations and people on the southern shore of the Mediterranean.