Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, independent expert from the UN. Photo: Wikipedia

Alfred de Zayas has called on Spanish authorities to negotiate with Catalan leaders. He has criticised in his own words the retrogression in human rights protection after the measures taken. 

The proposal will be voted in the plenary session in early July

Organisations defending fiscal transparency regret the amendment introduced by conservative groups, who reject disclosing this information when it is “commercially sensitive”.

Same world calls on youths to denounce environmental injustice.

The European project Same World aims at getting youths aged 13 to 25 to denounce environmental injustice and to demand intergenerational justice, a concept stemming from environmental sustainability.

Eritrean woman. Photo: Gabriele François Casin, MSF

The humanitarian organisation has claimed that the EU collaborates with the government of Eritrea and other countries to stop them from reaching Europe.


Recently was the 80th anniversary of the coup that marked the beginning of a terrible civil war in Spain and then a dictatorship that lasted 36 years.