Costa Rica is the first country in Central America to legally recognise same-sex marriage, the eighth in the American continent and the twenty-nine in the world.

Amnistia Internacional Catalunya emphasizes that denying the right to marry based on sex alone violates several human rights.

Discussions were held in Strasbourg in November and the adoption of the resolution took place on 18th December.

The European Parliament adopted in December a resolution to fight against discrimination and hate speech in the EU, a step forward to guarantee the rights of these people.

The european project Look wide aims to look at violence from a wide perspective.

This is the goal of the European project “Look Wide”, a research project to include a gender-based and sexually-diverse perspective in dealing with macho and gender-based violence.

Monica Benicio was Marielle Franco’s partner until the day she was murdered.

We talk to the partner of Marielle Franco, a sociologist, feminist, human rights activist and a person committed to the Afro and LGBTI movements in Brazil, who was murdered on 14th March 2018.

Kiev will host the second European Conference of Lesbians next April.

One of the goals of this meeting, which is set to take place from 12 to 14 April 2019, is to establish an international network of women and organizations.

Glòria Careaga, a prominent personality within the LGBTI movement in Mexico.

Gloria Careaga, a prominent personality within the LGBTI movement in Mexico, talks to us about the progress and challenges the group faces in this North American country.


Although last June transsexualism stopped being considered a mental disease, the levels of transphobia around the world are alarming and worrying.

Wellington will host the LGBTI world conference.

ILGA will be holding a new world conference in March 2019 in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital.

Dominique Boren.     Source: IdemTV

He is currently the president of NELFA (Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations) and is part of the APGL (Association des Parents et futurs parents Gays et Lesbiens) in France.

LGBTI flag. Photo: Wikimedia

There are many different organisations around the world standing for human rights and fighting to recognise the LGBTI community.