Lídia Arroyo,  sociologist and researcher in the UOC's Gender and ICT research group.

We talk with the sociologist and researcher in the UOC's Gender and ICT research group.

Rainbow Europe, is ILGA Europe’s annual benchmarking tool that includes the Rainbow Map, and Index and national recommendations.

ILGA Europe has released its ‘Rainbow Europe Map’ showing a worrying setback in some countries and a general standstill with regards to the rights of LGBTI people.


It might seem, in the middle of 2021, the LGTBIQ+ community only needs to finish fine-tuning the rights they have already achieved, but unfortunately we still have to fight to claim basic rights that the LGTBIQ+ collective has not been able to achieve.

The european project Look wide aims to look at violence from a wide perspective.

This is the goal of the European project “Look Wide”, a research project to include a gender-based and sexually-diverse perspective in dealing with macho and gender-based violence.

Monica Benicio was Marielle Franco’s partner until the day she was murdered.

We talk to the partner of Marielle Franco, a sociologist, feminist, human rights activist and a person committed to the Afro and LGBTI movements in Brazil, who was murdered on 14th March 2018.

Malta, leader in legislative and political advances for LGBTI rights in Europe.  Source: Pixabay

According to data taken from the Rainbow Europe 2018, the Mediterranean country leads the ranking, with states like Turkey, Armenia or Azerbaijan coming last.