refugee camps

The organization has launched a crowdfunding campaign through, to buy, ship and distribute food to the Sahrawi families through the Sahrawi Red Crescent.

The Catalan Association of the Friends of the Sahrawi People is collaborating with the Red Crescent to make that no family goes without food.

One of the refugee camps in Mail is on top of a landfill.

The Associació Catalana per la Pau is carrying out an emergency campaign to improve the sanitary and nutritional conditions of the population.

In displacement camps, the implementation of basic infection prevention and control measures can be challenging due to the scarcity of resources.

The International Committee of the Red Cross thinks that COVID-19 does not have to be catastrophic for countries with weakened healthcare systems, but it does require the international community to scale up support.


Many of us, volunteers, have travelled to refugee camps, some of us more than once, but yet they still need more hands. How is this possible?