Save the Children

Child poverty will increase around the world due to Covid-19 crisis.

44% of new cases of child poverty will be recorded in Europe and Central Asia, according to Save the Children and UNICEF.


The 20th November, Universal Children’s Day, is a good opportunity to continue giving a voice to all those children who are voiceless and to reclaim that if we fail to protect children we will have no present and no future.

Children have serious problems of violence, poverty and migrations.

The director of 'Save the Children' in Catalonia warns of the serious problems of violence, poverty and migrations that minors still suffer and the challenges for the protection of the children that remain to be resolved.

Children, in the same way than adults and old people, have some rights that laws and public bodies need to guarantee.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was approved in 1989 and confirmed by 195 countries, recognises and safeguards children’s rights all over the world. 

Mum feeding his baby. Photo: Save the Children

The "Underprivileged" report examines five key areas in which it noted inequalities in the development of children: work, social security, housing, education and health.


Second-hand objects and volunteering help spaces that revert all their earning to support charitable causes.