social inequalities

Kristian Herbolzheimer, director de l'ICIP.

The International Catalan Institute for Peace reflects on the state of peace in the world and shares how Covid-19 has favoured and harmed the construction of a non-violent society.

For every 100 men aged 25 to 34 living in extreme poverty in 2021, there will be .118 women

The UN says that the health, economic and social crisis caused by Covid-19 will widen the gender gap and that, for 2021, some 435 million women and girls will be living in extreme poverty.

Abdou Sissoko managed to cross the Mediterranean and reached Malaga.

We talks with Abdou, a malian who managed to cross the Mediterranean and reached Malaga.

One of the refugee camps in Mail is on top of a landfill.

The Associació Catalana per la Pau is carrying out an emergency campaign to improve the sanitary and nutritional conditions of the population.


It’s necessary to rethink a system that is failing to deliver equality and justice for the most marginalised and to refocus on solidarity.

Older people have been exposed to increased risk of violence, abuse and neglect without access to prevention or support services.

The senior Rights Policy Advisor of HelpAge talks about how Covid-19 has affected older people and what kind of global response will be necessary in the immediate future.

Image of the first meeting of the project, held in Berlin last January.

The project “Through the Lens of The other” encourages positive attitudes, ending prejudice and fostering the integration of less favoured persons.