western sahara

Where is the 1997 ban, the Ottawa Treaty, as an overcoming of the amendment to Protocol II to the Geneva Conventions that was useless in banning land mines? What is the situation with demining once the conflict is over?

The CCASPS has issued a statement in relation to the diplomatic conflict between Spain and Morocco.

Coordinadora Catalana d’Ajuntaments Solidaris amb el Poble Sahrauí (CCASPS) denounces the relationship between Spain and Morocco in the management of the conflict in Western Sahara.

Countries and companies who deal with Morocco in exploiting the Saharawi resources are pushing Morocco to more human rights violations.

We have talked with Mahfud, member of the campaign team, to discover more about the current situation in Western Sahara and to know why they decided to launch the manifesto.

International projects have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Saharawi and Palestinian organisations warn, however, that if lockdown continues, the solidarity and international volunteering networks may be weakened.

Refugee camp in Western Sahara.

The report ‘Voices from confinement and occupation’ drafted by the ODHE explains the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in Palestine and Western Sahara.

The organization has launched a crowdfunding campaign through goteo.org, to buy, ship and distribute food to the Sahrawi families through the Sahrawi Red Crescent.

The Catalan Association of the Friends of the Sahrawi People is collaborating with the Red Crescent to make that no family goes without food.

Image of one of the posters of the 'Holidays in Pau' program

Catalan families welcome children in the 'Vacations in peace' program coordinated by the Polisario Front and all entities in solidarity with the Sahrawi people.