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Carme Porta

Technique in film image. Founding partner of IdemTV. Communications Officer at Surt Foundation. Member of the International Network of Women Journalists and Communicators, of the Ramon Barnils Journalism Group, the Feminist Network and the Ca la Dona Association. Director of the Tinta Fèmina collection of the Trabucaire Publisher.

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Although last June transsexualism stopped being considered a mental disease, the levels of transphobia around the world are alarming and...

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The legal framework is there, the solutions are there and now the question is if the political will is there?

Let’s not forget that if we free ourselves from stress, we will laugh more, connect more to others, enjoy what happens around us and we’ll be...

head of the Alba Group's communication

Summer is an extraordinary time to dive into volunteer activities, as people tend to have more time, labor burden tends are becoming lighter...