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JoHanna "J" Thompson & Diane Tate

JoHanna  "J" Thompson was selected to join the Leadership Coalition of The Peace Alliance and Diane Tate is the managing Director of the Peace Alliance organization.

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The intentional choice to take action toward peace is by no means an easy one; it is, however, a necessary choice that begins with disrupting...

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Toni Lodeiro

Conscious consumerism won’t stop climate change, but it can help us to improve our lives and also have a say in public debate...

Raquel Pérez

Society fosters the exclusion of the elderly and doesn’t harness their experience. “Horta amb Gràcia” is a space for the elderly to remain...

Meritxell Plana Belenguer

Every day there is a boy or girl who is afraid to go to school. And we’re sure that as a group we have the power to change things.