Diana Buckley: "There is more and more dementia among British elderly people living in Girona"

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  • The British Benevolent Association supports British citizens in the Girona counties and also organizes celebrations.
    The British Benevolent Association supports British citizens in the Girona counties and also organizes celebrations. Source: British Benevolent Association.

The British Benevolent Association (BBA) supports British people who live or pass through the Girona counties of Catalonia through volunteering.

The British Benevolent Association for the counties of Girona ( BBA ) was established as a charity , according to its definition, and was registered in 2007 with the aim of offering help and practical support to any British subject or of the Commonwealth who resides, lodges or passes through Girona's counties . Practical help is provided through a network of volunteers throughout the area.

The treasurer of BBA de Girona , Diana Buckley , explains that they work closely with the British Consulate in Barcelona and with other local organizations .

What is the British Benevolent Association (BBA)?

The BBA was created in 2002 as a solidarity association with the aim of providing help and practical support to any British or Commonwealth subject, who lives or stays in or visits the province of Girona. Practical help is provided by a network of volunteers especially in the regions of Gironès, Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà and la Selva. In the other counties we can provide support by phone or email.

Where do you intervene?

We act only in the Girona counties.

Are you all volunteers who make up the association?

Yes. The association has only volunteers. It is created with this spirit.

What sources of income do you have?

Our sources of income come from donations and fundraising. For example, we occasionally host an English quiz night which is very popular and brings us some much needed income! We do it every two or three months.

For what reason did the association arise in the Girona counties?

While the British Consulate service in Barcelona offers formal and emergency support, we can provide informal assistance, as well as longer term support. We do various types of activities, from home or hospital visits, going to buy basic products, dog walking, interpretation and translation, reporting on local agencies...

The British Benevolent Association only works in the counties of Girona. In Madrid, there is the British Benevolent Fund.

Is there a need to act that you find yourself repeatedly?

Generally the needs are varied, but it is often the elderly who find themselves in problems who claim us. There are more and more cases of dementia among British elderly people living in Girona.

I guess critical situations like the Covid-19 pandemic give you a lot of work...

We experienced the confinement due to Covid-19 calmly. Most of the support they asked us for was informational, so we could handle it over the phone or email.

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