Rayane Monteiro: "61% of the participants in our program are hired and consolidate their career"

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  • In the last 30 years, the organization has managed to help more than 250,000 young people.
    In the last 30 years, the organization has managed to help more than 250,000 young people. Source: Fundesplai.

Renapsi is an organization dedicated to promoting learning programs for young people in vulnerable situations.

Rayane Monteiro is the pedagogical director of the 'Dema Joven' (Young Tomorrow) project of the Brazilian Renapsi organization. This initiative develops public policies focused on young people. They focus on combining training with professional experiences. The dynamic is particularly useful for young people who come from families in a situation of social vulnerability.

What is the 'Dema Joven' project?

The 'Dema Joven' project is a social initiative applied throughout Brazil, for young people aged 14 to 24. In the last 30 years we have reached more than 250,000 young people.

Currently, 30,000 young people, distributed in more than 1,500 cities, have the opportunity to access the labor market. Also, this experience has been amplified in six European countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Sweden and Holland).

What are the main benefits it has?

The success of this initiative is that it promotes social and labor inclusion, the reduction of school failure and crime, social ascent, talent training, psychological support and social assistance for the whole family. We are proud to recognize that 61% of our program participants are hired and consolidate their careers within companies that offer them their first opportunity.

Another positive impact is that in Brazil, according to research data from (INEP/MEC, 2018), only 62% of young people completed secondary education, but of the young people who participated in the 'Dema Joven' in 2018, 78.3% completed their studies.

What are the main barriers you face?

Today we have two major challenges, on the one hand, to be able to meet the estimated demand of three million young people who dream of a formal job opportunity, but cannot do so due to lack of experience or had to leave school, because help with their family income.

The other point is to develop awareness campaigns aimed at the private sector to encourage the recruitment of young people and their social responsibility in the inclusion of a new generation in the labor market.

How has the area where the project is broadcast changed?

We are getting the public authorities to become a decisive actor in the promotion of a public policy that involves education, work and employment.

Currently, we are developing training, education, work and income distribution programs with the governments of Goiás, Federal District and Tocantins with almost 10,000 young people in alliance with these governments. In this way, we manage to prioritize young people up to eighteen years old, in vulnerable situations and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

What projects will you develop together with Fundesplai?

Fundesplai is a sister Catalan institution in mission, purpose and harmony. We combine our desire to support young people with responsible and ethical work applied to education, work and income distribution.

From this synergy was born 'Demà', a global alliance with the purpose of transforming the lives of young people, offering education, work, income and, most importantly, hope. Hope in building more sustainable, inclusive and connected relationships with the yearning for a better world.

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