‘Mothers rise up’, a movement against climate change

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F Pere Tarrés
  • Mothers Rise up during the climate protest on 23 September.
    Mothers Rise up during the climate protest on 23 September. Source: Twitter.
  • The movement was created in November 2018.
    The movement was created in November 2018. Source: Twitter.

This global group of parents and grandparents has been created to support their children and take action to combat climate change.

'Mothers rise up' was created in November 2018, when a small group of mums met under a ‘Worried Mum’ banner an Extinction Rebellion climate protest. That movement has been growing fast across the UK and Europe.

Nowadays, this group is made up of mums who are worried sick about the climate change and think that they can’t leave their children to fix a mess that past generations have created. For that reason, this movement gives support to young people who are striking for climate action.

They are mums from several backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities: mums who are late for school, mums who go out to work and mums who stay at home. Some of them have been worrying about environmental troubles for years and some of them are just now waking up.

The british movement is part of ‘Our Kids Climate’, a global coalition of parents and grandparents groups who are demanding climate action.

The planet is in danger

In 2018, the world’s leading scientists warned that we only have 12 years to prevent catastrophic climate change that will irreversibly damage the earth and lead to the collapse of our societies.

In the words of ‘Mothers rise up’, is a global trouble that needs of everyone. As parents and citizens, they have to support young people who are fighting for getting that governments declare a climate emergency and commit to more emission reductions to save the planet.

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