climate change

Ayesha Barenblat is Remake’s Founder and CEO.

Ayesha Barenblat, fundadora y directora ejecutiva de remake, comparte con nosotros los inicios y el propósito de la organización que lucha por una remuneración justa y la justicia climática.

Joan Carles Montes, spokesperson for the Humana Foundation.

The Humana Foundation is a Catalan organization that was born in 1987 in Barcelona. It has been dedicated to the collection and reuse of clothes for 36 years, and is present throughout Spain.

5 organizations make use of works and spaces to promote a social and sustainable message against climate change.
In the face of escalating environmental challenges, art organizations demonstrate the power of creativity to raise awareness about the pressing issue of climate change. 
In Palestine, thanks to the Palestinian Farmer's Union, pilot projects are already being developed to address the effects of climate change on agriculture.

Agricultural practices centered around the use of pesticides and chemicals significantly exacerbate climate change, which is why the Palestinian Farmer's Union is already devising methods to change the sector.

Desperta collective, art and nature. Participatory group in the Jardí del Silenci.

We harness the power of influence of the arts and green entrepreneurship to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage positive behavior change.

Beatriz Felipe has been studying the phenomenon of climate migration for more than ten years.

Climate migration is a concept being used more and more often, but applying for refuge based on this reason is not yet envisaged as a possibility and, in fact, it is complicated to justify migration based on this.

Karlos Castilla.

The lead researcher at IDHC calls for a preventive approach to the movement of persons that will be caused by climate emergency.

For now, the main climate migration processes are affecting the continents of Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Persons have been on the move due to climate change throughout history and, unfortunately, this reason is becoming more and more habitual.

Susana Borràs.

Susana Borràs-Pentinat, a member of the Centre for the Study of Environmental Law of Tarragona shares her thoughts on the need to deal with migration holistically.

Since 2017, the Open Arms organization has rescued more than 66,000 people.

Open Arms has different formats to do work on climate migration with children, teens, and youth.

Two children watering a plant.

The Nature Conservancy and its 550 scientists created Nature Lab, the digital platform for teachers and students to promote an environmental education.


The state of Climate Emergency arises because we must act now to prevent the multiple points of no return from being activated.