10 useful Apps and online resources for non-profits

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Rubén Escobar (
  • Volunteer Match Logo. Image: Volunteer Match
    Volunteer Match Logo. Image: Volunteer Match.
  • Mobile apps for non-profits. Photo: Pixabay
    Mobile apps for non-profits. Photo: Pixabay.
  • Creative Without Borders website. Photo: Creative Without Borders
    Creative Without Borders website. Photo: Creative Without Borders.

There are plenty of companies that offer free tools to non-profits to help them out in the noble causes.

Mobile Apps are especially useful and good to look at when looking for low-cost tools that can help your non-profit organisation in order to boost productivity without having to spend a lot of money. In this sense, the number of low-cost or free apps and online resources for non-profits that exist today is huge. If your non-profit organisation is aiming to significantly improve its giving campaigns and both web and e-mail communications, in this article you might find some interesting Apps might give you additional support to your current activities.

Thankfully, there are plenty of companies that offer those free-to-use apps that can help them out in their charitable causes. Here are ten great examples of Apps that can be handy when running a non-profit organisation.

1. Volunteer Match

It connects volunteers with a cause that needs them. There are already more than 100.000 nonprofits around the world needing help. In this App there are uncover new volunteer opportunities, so finding volunteers is now a lot easier.

2. Check-in for Good

Its mission is to provide the most effective fundraising and awareness tools for causes, traffic drivers and social marketing tools for retail businesses. The App allows your non-profit organization to raise money and collect donations by building a free, online cause page.

3. Piktochart:

Every time marketers drive more visits to their website, teachers engage and spark interest in their students, children create stunning presentations for their assignments and non-profits spread awareness of their noble causes. Piktochart is an easy-to-use tools made for amateurs in order to create computer graphics and graphic design for their communicational campaigns.

4. CiviCRM

Its vision is that all organizations – regardless of their size, budget, or focus – have access to an amazing CRM to engage their contacts and achieve their missions; that they own their data and their code; and that they can modify and extend their CRM without restriction. This platform is used by non-profits to manage contacts and donators.

5. Shopify

It’s an online tool that allows non-profits to sell products and accept donations. More and more charities, foundations an non-profits use Shopify to power their fundraising efforts. Organizations using it can easily accept donations and sell products internationally, increasing the awareness for their cause and initiatives.

6. Double the Donation:

At this app they provide the tools and resources to help non-profit organizations and schools increase fundraising from corporate employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs. They believe that thousand of organizations can have their own community.

7. Creatives without borders

They help social organizations change the world by connecting them with creatives. Their vision is that they believe that social organisations can maximize their impact by being empowered by right the creative resources and guidance.

8. You Give Goods

It’s an online platform that enables individuals and non-profits to create online food and supply drives. Using the app, anyone can create and customize a food or a supply drive for any cause free of cost.

9. One Today

It’s an app run by Google that makes it easy to donate to the causes that inspire people, while letting non-profits raise the funds they need to make the world better. It’s called a micro-donation app, which allows people to choose to contribute one dollar per day to some of their favorite causes.

10. Pic Monkey

It’s a photo-editing platform for collage making, graphic design, etc. It allows non-profits to embed text upon photos, create photo collages and apply watermarks in a very easy way. 

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