5 International Volunteering offers in 2019

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Júlia Bacardit
  • Alianza por la Solidaridad EU Aid Volunteers
    Alianza por la Solidaridad EU Aid Volunteers .
  • Projects in Haiti and Mauritania
    Projects in Haiti and Mauritania.
  • Alianza por la Solidaridad EU Aid Volunteers 2017
    Alianza por la Solidaridad EU Aid Volunteers 2017.

EU Aid Volunteers offers volunteer opportunities for EU citizens or for long-life EU residents.

Alianza por la solidaridad is an organization funded by the EU that promotes active citizenship. One of its biggest initiatives is EU Aid Volunteers.

This year, EU Aid Volunteers offers 5 options for different volunteering profiles. The 5 opportunities will take place in Mauritania and Haiti.

Which are the requirements?

The requirements of the initiative  are the following: candidates must be over 18 and must be available for as long as the volunteer position lasts, which is around 18 months. It is also required to be an EU citizen or be a long-life resident of any EU country.

Even though no previous experience is required, each volunteer position has specific demands, like an Economy or Engineering degree or basic notions of digital Communication.

What are the offered positions?

Two of these offers are in Haiti, one of the countries that faces more economical and climatic challenges in the world. On the one hand, there’s the need of someone in charge of food security development from an agricultural Engineering perspective. The other position in Haiti is for an accountant who keeps up with the financial issues.

The 3 other volunteering positions are in Mauritania. In this case the volunteer positions also consist in working with food security and finances. The third position is social support related.

The 5 positions will last 8 months and all candidates needs to be available this November 2019 to attend a workshop. For more information on how to apply and the salary you can click here.



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